Monday, January 26, 2009

Week 2: PT Update

Today we took Dominic to his 2nd week of physical therapy. Ann Marie (his therapist) was very impressed with the progress he made in just one week. He is facing forward over 90% of the time, and is looking far more left than he has before. She stretched him out for a while--Dominic had been woken up from his very short afternoon nap and was not a happy camper. Although he moved far more easily than last week, he cried & screamed. I believe mostly because she had him on his back and he'd rather be upright. She completed the exercises & gave Dom some love to settle him down. Our homework: We will continue with the exercises we were given last week and have added 3-4 new exercises to work on neck strength. These new exercises are not torticollis treatment-but stretches & exercises to help aide in his physical development. Ann was extremely impressed with Dominic's neck strength & ability to hold his head so steady. We know now, that as hard as it is to force him to do the exercises--it IS working. Hopefully, he will continue to improve every week! :o)

Here's a picture of happy Dominic in his overalls from this weekend:


Shannon said...

Im glad the PT is going good and that Dominic is making progress!

I hope you're feeling better- I saw on FB that you weren't feeling good!