Thursday, January 8, 2009

Rub a Dub Dub!

Louie & I have been trying to get Dominic used to the same bedtime routine every night. Although we don't always stick to the same time every night--it has REALLY made a big difference! Dominic has gone from screaming at bath time to laughing & smiling in anticipation for his bubble bath! As soon as his feet touch the water-he seems immediately calmed, leans back on his bath pillow, stretches out his arms and takes a gander at himself in the mirror.

He just stares at himself

He'll hate me for it later--but it's TOO cute not to post!

After bath, we bring Dominic back into his nursery & put him in his bedtime onsie (and diaper of course!). Then he listens to his "prayer bear" say a prayer, gets his hair brushed by Daddy, and finally gets a leg massage by Mommy. Then Louie goes to clean up the bathroom while I put Dom in his sleepsack and read him his story. Although he has no idea what I am saying, he looks intensely at the pictures in the book. After his story we start his mobile and he watches his "bees" go 'round and 'round..we let him lay there quietly by himself for a few minutes (sometimes he coos & talks to his bees)

The last page of "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom"-there's a lot of colors to look at
Watching his Bees

Finally, he gets fed then (hopefully) falls asleep. In the beginning bed & bath time were a nightmare but I really think the routine has helped us all relax a bit in the evenings. Plus, it's always nice to spend that 45 min together giving Dom special attention from both Mommy & Daddy!


Lyndsay said...

Saw your comment to my blog and thought I'd check out your blog. The bedtime routine has worked wonders for us as well! Amelia used to hate the bath, but now she loves it and it instantly calms her even if she is screaming. ;) Now we're just dealing w/ her staying asleep after the bedtime routine; she's gotten into the habit of waking w/in an hour of going down. When this happens, it usually takes 45 min to over an hour to get her settled again. ARGH! Hopefully it's just temporary and this too shall pass. :) Thanks for stopping on my blog!