Tuesday, May 18, 2010

18 months!

Can you believe this little bugger is 18 months already? He was officially 18 months on May 13th, but I'm just getting around to post. Dominic amazes me every single day. He can understand so much and everyday is a new adventure. His new favorite phrase is "uh-oh" which he says ALL THE TIME! He drops things purposely just to say it. He is also a wiz at every puzzle in our house, and I'm currently looking for new ones to challenge him a bit. He's now in the 75th percentile in height, weight and head circumference. He's growing like a weed and loves everything-especially if he can dip it in ketchup!! We have been going out to eat a lot more at restaurants and Dominic loves to wave hi and bye to everyone. He flirts with the waitresses and babbles to nearby tables. I could write forever on all that this wonder kid can do, and tomorrow I would probably have 20 more amazing things that Dom discovered and learned. I attempted to get an 18 month picture with his Pooh Bear but it's tougher than I thought to keep a toddler still!! Enjoy!


Proud UT Rocket said...

Aw! I love him! It's always exciting to see how much he has grown and what I can expect for William. I am actually on blogger right now for school, but your account is like one of the homepages that pops up on blogger for me so I stumbled upon this. I love the pics. William has the same onezies with the firetrucks and cars. I love them!