Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Oh the things Lou can do!!

Lou has been a busy guy these past 2 weeks. He wouldn't call himself a "handyman" but I couldn't disagree more!! He has ripped up all the laminent flooring in our house, mortared, cut and layed tile and with a little help grouting from me, finished the flooring. I also have to mention that he took out and reinstalled our toilet and stove!!! I love the change-the white grout makes all our white woodwork really pop!!

The 2nd floor bathroom


Dining area
Oh and Lou has also successfully conquered this--the Thurmonator found at Thurman's Cafe in Columbus and featured on Man V. Food. I'm so proud! Is there anything my husband can't do!?!


Lindsey said...

Wow thats impressive!

i also want to try the thurmanator so badly - a trip to thurmans is my reward for finishing the 1/2 marathon early this month.. i just haven't gotten the courage to go there!
i hope you had a wonderful mothers day brooke!