Monday, May 31, 2010

A Day with Thomas the Train!

Last Friday we drove about an hour away to spend a "Day with Thomas the Train". Dominic is ob-sessed with trains and while we were showing him the website pictures he went nuts yelling "CHOOO CHOOO"!!! We knew this was something he was going to really enjoy!

Dominic in the Imagination Station. They had lots of train tables set up for the kids to play at. It was a tough choice for Dom to decide which table he liked best-so he played a little at all of them!!

We decided to play for a bit while waiting for Thomas to arrive. This is the exact moment that Dominic saw Thomas coming around the bend. He was yelling CHOO CHOO at Lou!

Dominic & I getting ready to board Thomas for our 35 minute train ride!! :) The guy taking pictures refused to take a family photo with my camera so Lou took our picture.
The train ride was so neat! The conductor came by and punched our tickets too! They also had music and story telling. Each train car was decorated with all sorts of Thomas decor, balloons and streamers. I couldn't help but try to imagine I was heading for Hogwarts like in Harry Potter haha!
It's hard to keep a toddler still when there are balloons and kids everywhere-so we went with the fail proof snack! After our ride we picked up a Thomas tee shirt and balloon as souvenirs! I hope this is something we can do again! :)


The Loving's said...

sounds like you had a great time! :o)

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