Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I am: a wife,mother, daughter, sister, friend, housekeeper, cook, teacher, student

I think: positively

I know: that I would have never imagined my life to turn out the way it has, SOO happy and grateful to have everything I've wanted and MORE!

I have: an amazing husband & son, wonderful family and two cute doggies

I wish: that I could win the lottery-I mean, c'mon-who doesn't!?

I hate: to be late for anything!!

I miss: many of my friends from college!

I fear: things out of my control-which includes tsunamis! lol Yes in Ohio!

I hear: the sounds of my husband wrapping my Christmas gifts! Yay!

I smell: the aftermath of the 3rd and 4th loaves of bread I baked today! mmmm

I crave: sweet hugs and kisses from Dominic!

I search: for missing socks, toys, etc on a daily basis

I wonder: what people ever did without the technology we have now

I regret: nothing, everything has led me to where I am today :)

I love: my life. My husband, Dominic, family, friends etc etc

I ache: On a daily basis.

I am not: always as organized as I should be-but working on it.

I try: to see every day as a gift

I believe: in God, fate and the good in people

I dance: with no rhythm! lol

I sing: to only Dominic because I have a horrible singing voice!

I cry: when Dominic does something new, or his face lights up with happiness.

I fight: to remain strong and positive no matter what obstacles are in my way!

I lose: my chap stick every.single.day

I never: go to sleep without telling my boys how much I love them!

I always: HAVE to have my morning coffee!

I confuse: the exact title of Lou's profession

I listen: to the sounds of daily life..giggles, cries, barks (from the dogs)

I can usually be found: Chasing Dominic around the house, on Facebook, or just busy being Mommy!

I need: Coffee in the morning! <--it's seriously essential!

I am happy: period.

I imagine: having a home with enough space for us all. A yard big enough for the dogs to run in, for Lou & Dominic to play "catch" in and one that I can plant flowers and just enjoy! :)

Play along, won't you?


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A Knitter's Journey said...

Brooke- I have been catching up on your blog and loved, loved, loved this entry! Check out my blog in a few days, I'll be playing along!