Sunday, December 6, 2009


Lou has always been great at surprising me. He surprised me with an engagement ring on October 27, 2007, a laptop one Christmas morning-even hiding it and giving me my very own "A Christmas Story" experience, and once again when he orchestrated a surprise birthday party at a Cleveland Indians game (it was so rainy/cold we went to Dave & Busters instead) for my 26th birthday and I've never quite been able to pull one over on him...until last night!
A couple weeks ago I started putting together a special surprise birthday party at a local bowling alley. Now Louie and I spend almost every minute together when we can so I knew it would be tough to secretly plan it. Thank goodness for Facebook-where I was able to invite friends and have them RSVP to me through messaging! I couldn't use my phone because I knew he'd know something was up when my phone became drastically more active. I had the venue booked, guests invited, babysitter set..I knew we would put Dominic to sleep around 8 so I planned to meet at the alley at 9.

We put Dominic down and he, shockingly, fell asleep without a fight. As soon as Lou came downstairs I looked at him and told him to "get dressed! We're having a datenight". He didn't believe a word out of my mouth and it literally took me going up and getting dressed and ready for him to believe me. Hannah (our babysitter), arrived at 8:45 which was right on time to hear Dominic screaming in his crib. I immediately started to panic. I had planned on leaving at 8:50ish! We let Dominic cry it out for a while and then Lou went up and worked his "Baby Whisperer" skills. As soon as we could we scooted out of the house and headed for the bowling alley!

The whole way there I spun a few "stories" about where we were going. At one point I convinced him we were heading to his parent's house to play board games! After we passed their street he realized we were heading towards the bowling alley. I fessed up that we were, in fact, going bowling--just the two of us, a nice little night out. I told him open bowling didn't start until 9:30 so we could just sit at the bar and play Keno until then.

We arrived at the bowling alley and I basically started having a nervous breakdown! I was so worried someone was going to be walking through the parking lot or he'd recognize a car. We made into the bowling alley and into the bar without incident. Once we entered the bar, Lou looked and saw about a dozen familiar faces. Now you have to understand, Louie does not like being the center of attention and specially told me "Not to make a big fuss" out of his birthday so when he saw all the people his only reaction was to look at me and say "You're a dork!" haha!!

We had such a great time and my first surprise was a wonderful success!! :) Thanks to everyone who was a part!!

4 lanes of fun!

The Birthday boy

Becky & Allisa

Diana & Jesse goofin' around!

Zack being Zack!

After looking at this picture, you can tell I'm the mother of a toddler. The knees are all worn out in my jeans!

Zack, showing off his form


The McKillips! Mindy bowled a 197!!! She is an amazing bowler and put to shame my 127!