Thursday, December 31, 2009

Looking back: Goals 2009

One of the great things about having this blog is getting to look back at previous posts. I looked up our "Grasso Goals 2009" post to see how many we acheived. We'll set new goals in the coming days so stay posted! I hope you all have a WONDERFUL New Year!

Brooke's Goals:
1. Retake the Math class she withdrew from 9 months pregnant and get at least a "B" (I really want an "A" but c'mon--Math + Brooke = do not mix! DONE: I got an A!! Also took 3 classes in the fall and earned A's in all 3--keeping my 4.0! :)
2. Become more organized DONE: still working on it!
3. Knit one item other than a scarf--Have my Oma teach me! FAIL: Although I did knit another scarf!
4. Take LOTS of pictures of Dominic--he's growing so fast that I truly want to remember EVERY moment! DONE: I think we can all agree on this one! Especially if you're on facebook
5. Maintain a healthy lifestyle by working out & eating well! We both want to be at our very best for Dominic! DONE: And with my new diagnosis of MS, this is more important than ever before!
6. Keep in better touch with family & friends. It's so tough with a "newborn" (can he still be considered this?) but I want to make more of an effort! IN PROGRESS: I'll always strive to be a better friend and family member
Lou's Goals:
1. Lose 25 more pounds and maintain that weight for an entire year IN PROGRESS: maintained weight from last year and working on 20 for this year
2. Run at least a 5K (maybe a 10k) FAIL: Was on pace to run one but never signed up for a race
3. Study and sit for at least 2 parts of the CPA exam IN PROGRESS: first year as a parent takes up a lot of time!
4. Spend as much time as possible with my family and be there for every moment I can as Dominic gets older. DONE: I make time for my family as it comes first
5. Send a birthday card to my nieces & nephews on their birthday DONE: I'm very proud of accomplishing this goal because I know it meant a lot to my neices and nephews.
6. Have at least one "date night" each month with my wife. (hint hint..we'll need 12 babysitters!)FAIL: Time goes by way too fast but we did manage to get out alone together thanks to our family!