Sunday, December 13, 2009

Weekend review

The weekends go by so quickly! We had another action packed weekend here at the Grasso house. Saturday Lou & I got to go to an annual Christmas party and had a great time! (Thanks Anna for watching Dominic!) Sunday, I baked what felt like a bajillion (3 dozen) cookies for the Mommy Meetup Christmas party and then another 2 dozen chocolate peanut butter chip cookies for Lou. He learned the hard way that too many sweets WILL give you a tummy ache!! But in his defense, they are quite delicious! This evening we headed out to the Christmas party. It's always so fun to see Dominic interact with other kids. Here are a few pictures!

Dominic loved the alphabet floor mat-he was showing off and surprisingly very social with strangers!

These two letters were the chosen ones. There were a few snickers and points his way when others realized what two letters he chose. Yes, that's correct..F and U. He carried these two around-waving them in the air. Tsk Tsk Dominic!

We are very lucky to have the fabulous Miss Misty as part of our Meetup group. She works at a local library and is in charge of the children's program. Dominic loved dancing to her songs and shaking the bells during "Jingle Bells"! I think we may have to start going to her program this winter!

As for me, I'm very excited for my first week without school! Dominic and I are going to finish up our Christmas shopping and find some fun indoor places to explore and play! I felt so bad this past week studying so much during the day. I think Dominic watched Dora's Christmas special about 8 times! <--I wish that was an exaggeration! ::sigh:: But now it's Mom & Dom time! :)