Friday, January 8, 2010

Snowy days and new ideas!

Lou & I have done a better job this week posting! I'm having some eye issues right now so I've been trying to steer clear of my laptop as much as possible. The screen, flashes and movements really irritate my vision and it's hard to focus.
This week started with a Snowday and is ending with a Snowday. Northeast Ohio has had nonstop snow all week-pretty much keeping Dominic & I grounded inside the house. We did get out one afternoon to play in the snow for a couple minutes but otherwise, it's been too cold to go outside. I think we were both getting stir crazy in this house so I knew I had to change something up.

The television is on 90% of the time in our house. We aren't watching it all that time, but during the day it is definitely background noise. Dominic has certain shows that he watches like Sesame street or Dora the Explorer. For all of you who may scold me for letting an almost 14 month old watch tv...Dominic does NOT nap, does NOT let me out of his sight and I would never get a chance to eat a meal if it wasn't for Elmo & Dora! Well yesterday I decided to try something different. I turned the TV off. I grabbed a book and sat on the couch while Dominic played. He was such a different boy! He definitely seemed more engaged in his play and he didn't have his usual 2 pm hissy fit! The quiet was nice as well and although reading was a tough experience on my eyes, not having the tv on just seemed to offer a more relaxing space.

With that said, I watched the news this morning and then turned the TV off at 8:30. Dominic & I have had fun playing and reading books together. For now this is nice, but I'm sure at some point we're both going to need a break! Here are a couple pictures I've taken lately.

Snow days=Pajama day!

Dominic LOVES his tent from Grandpa Daly. There is a crawl tube that attaches but for now he really likes to use it as his own little fort. Sometimes he takes our hands and takes us in with him.


E said...

I wouldn't feel bad about the TV. The only way I can shower is by letting Lyla stand outside of the tub and watch. We do what we do to get through the day.