Wednesday, January 27, 2010

IPhone pictures

I'm sure all of you do it, take a million pictures on your cell phone and then never really do anything with them. I'm guilty of that as well so I decided to change that. I'm turning this post into a gallery of my IPhone picture album. Enjoy!

The very first picture I took on my phone. Dominic at Target

Picking Pumpkins!

Those baby blues!

I found my very first cache while geocaching this fall!

TJ & Sadie, cuddling
Kisses for Mommy!

One of our many bike rides down the pier

Playing in the diaper caddy!

MORE kisses for Mommy!

1st Birthday cupcake

Ravioli dinner=messy

What I do with Dominic's toys after he goes to bed-cool huh?!

Going TP'ing

Dominic and his lovely manners.

Tickled because he put a cup in a cup!