Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Wednesdays with Lou

Another year and another opportunity for a fresh start. There is no better time than right now to evaluate your life and create goals for the up coming year. Looking back I am happy Brooke and I posted our goals for 2009 on our blog because throughout the year I could refer to those goals for guidance. With that being said here are my 2010 goals.

1. Lose an additional 10 to 20 pounds and maintain that weight throught the year and my life.

2. Continue to send birthday cards to my 14 nieces and nephews.

3. Be there for Dominic as much as humanly possible. I loved watching him grow this first year and experience all the 1st and look forward to sharing this next year with him and Brooke.

4. Learn more about Multiple Sclerosis and work with Brooke to gain a better understanding of this disease and how we will manage it.

5. Professionally I want to continue to grow and learn and exceed expectations of my Clients and Fund Participants.

6. I'm bringing this goal back from 2009 since we failed at it last year. Brooke and I need to get out at least once a month for a date night. Dominic is older now and getting a babysitter is easier so book it Brooke, we got some dates to plan.