Tuesday, February 2, 2010

MS Appt Update, Walk Info and Contest help!

Today Lou & I traveled back to the Mellen Center at the Cleveland Clinic to meet with Dr.Bermel and his nurse to discuss the results of my Evoked Potential test, blood work and treatments. I'm happy to report that my Evoked Visual test came back normal-meaning that there is no concern at this time for Optic Neuritis. My blood work also came back normal-which ruled out other autoimmune diseases. Dr.Bermel said that I have Relapsed/Remitting Multiple Sclerosis, and he believes I have a mild form right now. I will go back in 6 months for another brain MRI.

We went over all of the treatment options and decided upon Copaxone-a treatment I am familiar with because my mom has been using it for her RRMS for years with good results. I will start injecting myself daily within the next two weeks. A nurse will come and show me how to use the auto injector and where to inject myself. This treatment offers the least amount of side effects-mostly red, "bumps" at the injection site and a small chance that I will experience a major feeling of an anxiety attack immediately after injection (which should subside after about 5-10 minutes). I'm a little nervous about all of the injections but we learned that researchers are about 1-2 years away from introducing a PILL form of treatment for MS. So hopefully I will only be injecting myself for a few years! All this funding for MS research IS working people! :)

MS WALK 2010:
Of course, this year the MS Walk is even more dear to my heart. Sitting in the waiting room today I was able to see how detrimental this disease really is. I was one of only 3 people WITHOUT a walker, cane or wheelchair. As you know-these aren't free! Your donations truly make a difference, whether it is used for research for improved treatment and CURE or just to help those in need--every little bit helps! Here is something to put it in perspective.

$25-provides a reacher from someone w/MS
$60-provides a shower chair with a back for one individual
$150-provides a cooling vest kit for an individual
$240-provides a day of respite care for a family affected by MS
$500-provides a manual wheelchair for one individual w/MS
$750-provides a portable ramp for one individual

We've already raised $125 but have a long way to go to reach our $1000 goal. If you would like to donate or join our team-please go here! !*
In other news-Dominic has been entered into a "Cutest Kid" contest through our local newspaper. If he wins we get a trip for 4 to Kalahari Resort (it would be our first family vacation-even if it is 30 min away!), a professional Family photo package, and Spa gift certificates. Please go and vote for our silly, spaghetti Dominic here:


Thank you so much! The contest ends on Feb 16-I'll keep you posted!

I feel like I've asked so much in this email and I honestly thank each and every one of you for taking the time out of your day to check in our family, your kind words/comments and donations! We are so blessed to have you in our life! :)


Anonymous said...

Hi! I've been reading your blog off and on for a few months. I found you from Kelly's Korner blog. I live in the Akron area. I just want you to know that I've been praying for you and your family since you've been diagnosed. I am planning on donating after talking to my husband. And of course I will vote for Dominic, because he is such a cutie!!

Grasso10 said...

Thank you so much! That is so touching! :)