Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Stir Crazy Solutions

It's winter in Ohio and that means snow, sleet, and freezing temperatures. That also means that we have been stuck indoors for most of this winter. I'm afraid to drive on ice or snow and I just can't justify taking the risk with Dominic in the car. But when the roads are driveable (did I just make up a word?) I've found a few places to take Dominic and cure our cabin fever!

*The Mall! We are official Mall walkers! haha It's perfect to go into the mall before the store opens and let Dominic just roam around. Sad, but great for us-our nearby mall is like a ghost town and even when the mall is open, there are very little people. Our mall also has a kids play area where he can play. Although, Dominic prefers to just walk/run throughout the mall clapping his hands! He's a big fan of the mall walkers!

*Lorain County Metroparks-we are SO lucky to have awesome metroparks scattered throughout the county. Most of them have an indoor kids play area that Dominic loves!

*Playground World-this is actually a "Step 2" store that opens it's doors **FOR FREE** every so often so that the kids can play on EVERYTHING! Trampolines, playground equipment, slides, play houses-so so much!

*Libraries-this one is touch and go with Dominic. They do have baby/child story time but if you have advice on how to pry a bell out of a 15 month old's hands after 2 minutes-let me know! lol

What do you do to get out and about? It's tough with a toddler-but spring is right around the corner!


Anonymous said...

I linked to your website from Jessica Mattia's. I grew up in North Olmsted. There are so many fun things to do around there. You should check out the Children's museum of Cleveland (it is in university circle downtown), the nature center in Bay Village, Memphis Kiddie Park (summer only) in Brooklyn (i think), Splash park at Rocky River pool (summer obviously). Well that is all I can think of right now, but I will post more if I can think of some. I think that you are near (sort of) these places. Katie Belanga (I think that you know my husband Chip from UT).

Ari&Matt08 said...

I used to go there with my 3 brothers all the time when we were younger!! So much fun!!

Becca said...

haha! We're mall walkers too! & we when the weather is really nice we're really blessed to have this great path right next to our apartments that is built on what used to be railroad tracks! It's really nice, but nothing compared to the beautiful metroparks in LC. I miss the GREEN & the water! I can't wait to move back up north!!!