Monday, March 1, 2010

MS Walk Monday & Copaxone

I am so excited to say that with still more than a month to go, we have already exceeded our team goal and raised $1050!! Lou had some amazingly generous donations last week that put us over the top! We are currently in 4th place for money raised!! Thank you to everyone who has donated! If you'd like to donate or join our team you can go here:

Last Wednesday I began my daily Copaxone injections. A nurse came to our house and showed me how to inject manually and with the Autoject I was given. She also watched me inject for the first time-and it really didn't hurt at all! The injection itself isn't bad at all but there is some burning after for a few minutes. Feels like a bee sting is the best way I can describe it. So far I've injected in the backs of both arms, both hips, stomach and right thigh. I have to rotate sites daily and also try to not inject myself twice in the same spots. To help keep track I have a journal to mark where I inject daily.

Here is my little set up. Syringes, AutoInjector and my very own Sharps container for needles. The Copaxone actually stays in the refrigerator but I take them out in 5 day increments to get to room temperature.

Also, March 8-14th is MS Awareness Week! One step closer to a cure!


Becca said...

You're amazing Brooke. Thank you for being so open and honest, letting us into your life and sharing this journey you're on. You truly are an inspiration.

Sarah M. Kyle said...

The way you remain positive through all of life's little and big challenges is absolutely remarkable Brooke. You're amazing.

Jo Ann Ginkus Haskell said...

Brooke, I found you on Twitter and am also on copaxone, I am in my third week. Looking at the pictures, could be my home =) Hope you are fairing well with the new meds. Take care & God Bless.