Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A floral heart attack

See that little number up there? Well Lou found it on sale a few weeks ago and placed it in our master bath. It senses motion and then sprays a burst of floral spray into the air. It sounds like a hissing cat. So every night when I go into the bathroom and get ready for bed I get greeted by this "cat" and jump out of my skin. I know it's there-but every.single.time it catches me off guard. I'm pretty sure that this thing should come with a warning-or something. It's especially un-nerving when you wake up in the middle of the night, walk through the dark (because I wouldn't want to disturb Lou or our sleeping pups), tip toe through the bathroom, quietly creek open the door...and HISSSSSSSSS! Try falling back into a relaxing slumber with your heart going a mile a minute! haha!

That thing needs a bell on it or at maybe some catnip will help us be friends?


Megan said...

Too funnY! I love those little things though, they work wonders on the home front!