Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

I forgot to post and explain "my 3 words" from a while back! Dominic won the silly picture portion of the Morning Journal's Cutest Kid contest!!! We were so excited! This week our prizes arrived in the mail. Dominic won all of us:

*A two day, one night stay at Kalahari in a family suite with included admission into the water park! (There is also a spa, restaurants, animals, etc etc there!) Yay!

*A "spa package"<--I put this in quotes because I'm not sure a $17 haircut and blow dry count as a spa package. Luckily I have gift certificates to the same spa and they don't know what they are in for! haha!

*A Professional Photography session with Oliver Photography. We have to call the phone number to schedule and find out exactly what this entails. We are kinda thinking that the actual session fee will be waived but we are going to have to pay for a bunch of other stuff? I hope not, this was the prize I was most excited about!

I'm so proud of my little spaghetti Dominic!!


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