Thursday, February 19, 2009

Fires, Office visits & high chairs OH MY!

Everyone has Snow days, but who ever thought their school would catch on fire and get a "fire day"!!! Classes were cancelled today & tomorrow, which means no math class for Brooke! Luckilly, no one was injured-you can read the story here-

Today Dominic went to visit Daddy at work! He met Gale, Louie's secretary and helped Daddy in his office! Dom usually helps Louie with taxes & even plays with the ten-key now--before we know it he'll be sending faxes and writing memos! I forgot my camera this time-so we'll have to make another visit soon!!

Dominic seems to just be sprouting before our eyes! He has decided that laying down isn't as fun as sitting up-and although he can't sit without support, he seems to really like it! He also seems to like to sit like a big boy in his high chair. He looks SOO small in it-but in order to start cereal in a month or two, he'll need to be able to sit in there! I'm sure glad he likes it because it gives us a chance to get things done in the kitchen (like eat dinner!) with two hands!! :)

He's so relaxed!

"I'm ready to eat!"


-Pete said...

Umm, you can also read bout the LCCC fire here:

and here:

Geesh, FSIL!

Shannon said...

I heard about the fire on the news, crazy!

I cant believe how big Dominic is, he is turning into a "little man" now :)