Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Milestone I could do without..

First smile, first laugh, first roll....first virus? Our poor little guy has gotten his first bad cold. It all began with a tiny cough on Saturday and since has exploded into a full out, ferocious cold-complete with red, watery eyes, congestion, and a very stuffed up nose. The stuffy nose is the biggest problem because babies tend to breathe out of their nose primarily. Dominic is having a tough time eating-he's literally holding his breath and taking as much as he can-then gasping for air. We took Dom to the doctor yesterday and they confirmed that he has a cold, which is most likely RSV. Doctor Finley (Dr.Flask was on call) told us to just continue with what we were doing at home which includes a vapor bath, humidifier, and the torture known as an aspirator. They also told us to get Dominic out in the fresh, cold air. Of course these are the two days that are 60 degrees in Ohio!? Dominic is in great spirits for a sick baby-he smiles at us through his watery eyes and laughs through his snotty nose!! It is honestly tearing up our hearts to see him sick. Mommy is planning on eating LOTS of chicken soup & drinking LOTS of OJ until he gets better!! haha! Here are a few pictures of our little trooper!!

Still smiling

Before we headed to the doctor

One last smile before we left!

This morning, looking much more miserable-but still smiling & playing

Trying to squeek out a smirk-just not feeling good. Our poor baby.


Erin Eileen said...

Awww...poor little guy! I hope he starts to feel better!

Shannon said...

Ohhh Brooke, Im sorry he got so sick! I hope he feels better soon!