Monday, February 23, 2009

Week 5 PT Update

Today we took Dominic to his 5th physical therapy session...I guess I should start at the beginning. This morning started off alright. We all woke up bright & early after 2 good stretches of sleep from Dominic last night. Louie dressed Dom, I fed him and we were on the road-at 7:30-right on schedule! About halfway to Westlake, I hear Louie yell in the backseat (something I won't post on here, my little sister reads this! ha!). Dominic had projectile, and I mean P.R.O.J.E.C.T.I.L.E vomited all over the backseat of my car. All over the seats, all over the car seat, all over himself..even on Louie! Luckily I could grab a burp rag out of the diaper bag while driving to hand to Lou so he could clean up a bit.
We got to our appointment and Ann Marie called us back. We were of course mortified to see we didn't have a change of clothes in his diaper bag-so poor Dominic had to do his PT in just a diaper (which he didn't mind because he loves to be a nakie baby!) while I rinsed off his shirt & pants, rolled them in a towel at my best attempt to Sham WOW them dry.
Ann Marie said Dominic looked great & very strong! She said that he has grown quite a bit in the last two weeks as well. She was very impressed with his progress and gave us a few new exercises to work on--not for torticollis (which is almost completely gone) but just to strengthen his muscles. We go back in two weeks, and are hoping that she only wants to see Dominic on a monthly basis after that.
So before I got Dominic dressed to go home, I decided to change his diaper....Dominic then proceeded to pee all over my jeans! So the count is Daddy=puked on, Mommy=peed on, Brooke's Escape=covered in now spoiling milk. We drove the vomitmobile home and started on operation clean up. Louie wiped up in the car while I got Dominic into some dry, clean, better smelling clothes. We ended up having to wash the car seat cover, Snuggle Me cover, blanket, strap covers, burp rags, his clothes & my pants all in a ONE hour trip to PT. What a day!!