Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Week 3 PT Update

Bright & early this morning we took Dominic to his 3rd physical therapy session with Ann Marie. Dominic was in a GREAT mood-laughing & talking with Ann Marie. She said that he was "very charming" and cute. She commented that he was in fact, trying to charm his way out of stretching! We have been working with Dom each day on his PT so we were VERY happy & proud to hear her say that she was surprised at how strong Dominic is for his age and how much improvement he's made from last week! Dominic is now looking to the left very easily & often. He follows Mom or Dad with his head & eyes when they move across the room.

His homework for this week focuses on ROLLING!! Something that Mommy & Dominic have been practicing each day. Dominic can roll from his belly to back with very little/no assistance and now will be working on rolling from his back to his belly. Lifting his head up and over will strengthen many of the muscles in his neck & chest.

Oh and the best news is: because Dominic is showing so much improvement (the tightness is gone in all but one area), after next week we will probably only have to go every OTHER week!

Daddy & Dominic at 7:30 this morning-on our way!

Cleveland Clinic Child Therapy-Westlake, OH

Dominic in the waiting room-catchin' a few more ZzzZzz's

Dominic with Ann Marie, working on holding his head steady-as you can by the look on Louie's face-he's doing a GREAT job!!
Holding his head up when being tilted forward-no problem for our Super Baby!

What a good boy! We are SOO proud of him!!


Shannon said...

Im so happy that Dominic is making great progress, what wonderful news!