Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Next Simon Cowell?

I know, I know...Don't let babies/children watch T.V.--well that has proven difficult with a 50 inch TV in the room and a 3 month old who will contort his neck/head to fight & see what we're watching. He loves his Baby Einstein puppet shows-and we LOVE watching him laugh & squirm at the puppets. Dominic can be throwing a royal tantrum and as soon as he sees that blue cat puppet-he immediately, and I mean immediately settles down & smiles. I wonder if it's the slow movements, simple characters, or funny noises that he likes so much?

Last night Dominic was adamant about watching American Idol. I would try and turn him away and he would get upset. I sat Dom on my lap and let him watch. Everytime he saw Simon Cowell or Randy Jackson, he squealed and squirmed! I eventually had to lay him down next to me because I was afraid he was going to squirm right off my lap!! Once he had freedom, Dominic kicked his legs and whipped his arms around when the contestants sang. During commercials he got upset, looking at me confused. Sure enough, once the show came back on, Dancing Dominic was back in action! Good thing it's on 2x a week! :)

Look at the intensity he watches with...

A commercial break, "Mom, what happened?"

"Seriously, put my show back on!"

"Ahhh, that's better-Life is good!"


Shannon said...

I think some TV is ok, especially if its AI! I love that Dominic likes to watch it :)

ohio*LEZ-girl*in*NYC said...

I don't think that TV is bad for babies, as long as you're not sitting him in front of the thing every waking hour. Jullian used to be, and still is, in love with the "Face" on Nick Jr. and the Moose. He really likes that guy.
Dom is getting so big! He's adorable!