Friday, February 6, 2009

Our busy boy!

Dominic had a very busy week this week--he watched his first Super Bowl, had early morning PT, "exercised" every day, had a play date with Connor Lattea, helped Daddy with tax returns, went to Target, oh and won first place in the Picture of the Week contest with 41 votes! Here is his "blinkie" prize & some pictures to brighten your day!!

Dominic's 1st Place Award

In his Adidas outfit

He's playing with his toys now, and getting so strong!

Dominic fell asleep watching his mobile in his swing

Superbowl Sunday-Future of the Cleveland Browns?? (Thanks Uncle Pete & Aunt April!)

Wearing the proper tax return gear

Connor & Dominic

Being sassy!
Dominic's Game Face! Intimidating isn't it!?


Shannon said...

I love all the pictures, he is getting so big!