Thursday, April 9, 2009

Crib night 3

They say it takes 3 nights to get used to the crib---here we go! Sidenote: Dom napped for a total of 4 hours today..eek! I hope he sleeps well tonight!

9:00 pm..asleep-he didn't even wake up when I carried him upstairs! yay!

10:30 pm..not a peep yet!

10:45 pm..spoke too soon-he's up.

11:05 pm...back asleep thanks to his Daddy and his swift running up the stairs armed with a pacifier!

11:13 pm..awake again

11:19 pm...back asleep

11:21pm....back awake

He was awake again throughout the night because the pacifier was out of his mouth. We discussed that he is sleeping very similar to the way he was in the bassinet. The good news is that he's staying asleep when we put him in the crib and he's not crying like he was that first night. :) We'll keep working on it!