Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Week 8 and FINAL PT Update!!

Today we took Dominic to his "check out" appointment. Ann Marie just wanted to make sure that he didn't regress in progress with his growth spurts. Dominic was happy to see her and all her fun toys! Dominic showed off by rolling, sitting, and reaching for things. She said he looked great-and impressive for his age. Then told us that we won't need to come back, but he may get tight muscles again around the time he starts crawling. If that should happen, we'll just have to go in so she can show us some new stretches. We thanked Ann Marie for all her help and said our goodbyes. I'm very glad that we caught this so early-Dominic is completely cured of any signs of torticollis and never had to wear a corrective helmet! :) Yay!


Jessi said...

Yay for Dominic!!! You must be so releived. Hope everything else is well.

Lyndsay said...

One day Amelia struggled to poop and my sitter said she had a "true turd" as a result. However, for me her stools are still soft. Not breastfed runny, but soft (and stinky!)

Congrats on the successful PT!!! Yay Dominic!