Sunday, April 26, 2009

Our weekend!

We definitely took advantage of the wonderful weather this weekend. I'm so glad that Dominic loves to be outside--because his mom & dad certainly do!

First time in a swing! Yay!

2nd time-he LOVES it! With his Boston Red Sox gear-thanks to his Great Uncle & Aunt!
Flying through the air!
Dominic's first time feeling sand!
At the beach
Dominic & Mommy at the Tulip Bed
Up close-he looks so happy! lol
"Aww Mom, really? Flowers?"
The traditional Basket picture
Mom doesn't look so enthused because she doesn't understand why an Easter basket is up ALL year round!!!


Shannon said...

I love all the pics, Dominic looks like he loves the outdoors!

-Pete said...

Glad to see Daddy wearing and Indians shirt to offset Dom's Red Sox gear ... especially with Boston in town this week.

Rona said...

Yes, yes, yes! I knew I would get Easter basket pictures out of you eventually!! Hehe.

P.S. Is Dominic like 13 now? Lord he is getting big fast!