Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Crib night #1 update...

As of 10:20 pm.....this sucks. He's super upset & I'm pretty sure he's beautiful little blueberry eyes are going to be super swollen tomorrow...:(

10:26..I'm kicking myself. WHY didn't I put him in his crib from the beginning? Would it have been easier on ALL of us? Louie's up with him now. He's been crying/screaming since 9:15. He has to be exhausted. I feel awful. It's only going to get easier....right?

10:32..Louie gave him a bottle....silence. Let's hope it sticks. Tonight is going to be rough!

11:00..he's up, crying. Back upstairs to try and soothe him to sleep. I'm trying to stay downstairs because he associates me with food and he can't possibly be hungry. Plus, I can't stand to see him upset and would be too tempted to pick him up--waking him more. We had barely enough time to watch a bit of "Biggest Loser" and take the dogs out for the night. We know this is for the best--but feel like we have traveled back in time to week #1 with him.

11:05...back asleep

11:15....fussing..we're attempting to ignore it. Man, this is hard.

11:25....back asleep..I'm literally praying for the sweet relief of sleep for all of us.

11:32...we're going to attempt to go to bed. I'll post tomorrow & let you know how the rest of night #1 went. :(


3:00 am...Dominic's up. After a feeding, change he comes to bed with me. (another habit I'll have to break)

7:25 am...Two little hands are touching my face. I open my eyes and two beautiful blueberry eyes are staring me in the eyes! After a night like that--it was wonderful to see him smiling!

Onto night #2!!!


Shannon said...

Oh Brooke, thats rough. I hope it got better!

Jessica said...

Yikes! I hope it gets better for you guys! I'm SURE it will!

Lyndsay said...

Sorry to hear the crib didn't go so well, BUT IMO it will get better. And I still bring Amelia into bed when she wakes b/t 4 & 5 am to nurse. It's a habit for ME and I prob won't stop until she stops nursing at night. Good luck! And so sweet about his hands on your face. ;) Amelia would prob do the same, but she's still swaddled.