Friday, April 24, 2009

Secret Mommy Club

Yesterday I took Dominic out to do a little retail therapy. (Hence the I love Target post from yesterday) Dominic slept the whole time which gave me some much needed "me" time to browse at any & everything I liked. I usually feel bad spending 10 minutes in the makeup aisle when I am with Louie-so I had a ball!! While perusing through the sunglasses I stopped and looked around...THIS is where all "Stay at Home Moms" go during the day!! Walking through the store, I saw mom after mom, with their car seats (I counted 5 of the same one we have) attached to the cart, strolling happily along. It was like we all knew each other & understood how fantastic a once meaningless trip to a store was. We'd smile at each other as we passed in the baby section--like a secret handshake in a club. It was nice to see that I wasn't alone--we were even all dressed similar--from the flip flops on our feet to the big bags under our eyes! :) Even though I didn't speak to anyone I felt like I socialized with adults for that couple hours!

In other news, I joined a mommies group! Two of my good friends are also in the group..I think it's going to be a lot of fun and good for Dominic to socialize too! They go on fun field trips to all sorts of places in Lorain & Cuyahoga county. I love to meet new people--I'm excited!! Next Friday, there is a "Mommies Night Out" at John Christ Winery to kinda meet & greet--I think I am going to go! That way I don't have to go to Target to make friends & get some adult time in! HAH!!

The weather is BEAUTIFUL today and will be for the next week! 80 degrees today! I bought lots of baby sunscreen yesterday and am planning on being outside as much as possible this weekend!! Today we are going on a walk with Leann and her son, Connor! :) I'm happy it's going to be so nice when Louie is home this weekend--although it's going to be hard to watch the NFL draft from outdoors!


Jessica said...

Good for you!

I remember making my Target trips during the day before I went back to work - it's true, you only saw Moms and their kids!

Sarah M. Kyle said...

Hilarious!!! I love reading all of your posts, but this one was especially funny - and true for me as well! Have fun with your Mommy group and enjoy the weekend.

Shannon said...

The Mommies group sounds great, Im sure you'll have lots of fun! And Target is where all the SAHM's are at? Good to know :)

Erin1122 said...

Moms groups are the best. I'm a part of one and it saved my sanity during my maternity leave. enjoy!

Nikki said...

This post made me laugh b/c it's so true. I was just there yesterday doing the same thing. What's the name of your mommy group you joined?