Sunday, April 19, 2009

Monday MS Walk Update

Good morning! I'm back with the weekly update on team "Daly Miracles" progress. Last week we were up to $555 and as of today we have raised $630!!! What a great job!! Pete had a really great week getting donations! Thanks Pete-you keep some very generous company!! :)

$750 will provide a portable wheelchair ramp for someone living with MS. I decided to set that new goal. I know-with a little less than a month left before the walk that we CAN do it!

Louie & I brainstormed ideas for our team T-shirts that we will wear for the walk. We have a great idea and will be working on getting those ideas out of our heads and onto our backs soon!

Again, here's the website to our team's page! We'd love your support and thank everyone who has helped--it truly means the World to me!


Shannon said...

Im really proud of you guys, this is awesome!