Saturday, April 11, 2009

Scary Sadie Situation!

First off, I always feel awful that we aren't giving our fur-babies (dogs) as much attention. They are amazing with Dominic-letting him grab at them and pet them like it's no big deal. Today we had a REALLY scary thing's the story..

I got up from the dinner table to grab something and glanced down at Sadie. She had one paw really high up by her face and was leaning against the wall. I thought "oh no,her dew claws are stuck in her collar" and then immediately thought "wait, she's not wearing her collar". I kneeled down and she just started going nutso. She tried to walk and couldn't. Her legs just didn't seem to work properly. *If you've ever seen a dog try to walk in socks or shoes it was like that* Then she started urinating-uncontrollably. I got scared. Louie & I were trying everything as she shook violently. I kneeled next to her and pet her, she didn't even look at me-her eyes were bugging out of her head. Louie was on the phone with the Pet ER and was planning on taking her in. Just then, like someone snapped her out of it, she was normal. She pounced around like nothing had ever our kitchen wasn't filled with pee puddles or my face wasn't streamed with tears. We called the ER back and they pretty much confirmed what I thought had happened..a seizure. She's been fine all day/night since. But we are giving her lots of extra hugs & kisses tonight. I thought for sure she was going to drop dead right there on our floor. I also realized that in a panic stricken situation--Louie is MUCH better dealing with it than I am!!! An unrecognizable voice came out of me this afternoon as I squealed "Oh my God! My dog is going to die!!"

We plan to take Sadie to the vet ASAP which will most likely be Monday. She is a dachshund/beagle mix-both of these breeds are susceptible to epilepsy. I just never want to go through that again!! Eeek!


Erin Eileen said...

I hope your lil gal is ok!!! If it makes you feel any better, I am awful when something happens with the dogs...Maggie got a tick for the first time and if Adam hadn't been there I would have lost it...and it was only a tick!!! It's the motherly thing...thankfully we have wonderful husbands to balance us out:)

Shannon said...

I am so sorry, Brooke, thats very scary! I hope you guys get some good feedback from the vet, I will keep Sadie in my prayers

ohio*LEZ-girl*in*NYC said...

awwww, poor baby! that's so horrible! I hope your furry baby is okay!!

Ari&Matt08 said...

This just happened to one of our friends' dogs. SO scary! I don't think I'd deal with that very well either!