Thursday, October 8, 2009

Show Us Your Life-Favorite Team, Traditions, Tailgate

This weeks installment of Kelly's Korner's "Show Us Your Life" is one Lou & I were most excited about-Favorite team! We definitely have a fav here in the Grasso house--We LOVE the Buckeyes! I thought it only fitting to do a co-blog today with both Lou & I writing.

If you're not familiar TBDBITL stands for The Best Damn Band In The Land which is an understatement if you've ever heard them play. They may be the best band in the Universe. We're biased we know but nothing gives you chills quite like the band entrance before each game. The Band is an integral part of game day before during and after. Before the game the Band leads a pep rally (SKULL SESSION) in St. Johns Arena less than a mile from the stadium in front of a roaring crowd of over 10,000. Skull Session started in 1957 and since 2001 Coach Tressel has brought the team into Skull Session on their walk into the stadium to address the crowd and pump up the fans just hours before kickoff. From Skull Session the team walks as a group through the crowds of Buckeye Fans to the Stadium to get ready for the game.

TBDBITL at Skull Session

Script Ohio
The OSU marching band first performed the The dotting of the "i" in "Script Ohio" formation on October 10, 1936. The incomparable Script Ohio is a band formation that takes three and a half minutes to execute. It begins with a triple "Block O" formation, which unwinds at the direction of the drum major, into the word Ohio, literally written by marching band members. It's capped off with the dotting of the "i", in which a sousaphone player high steps, from the second "o" to properly complete the "i". The Crowd goes crazy during this and creates an electric feel in the stadium.

Ohio Stadium
Ohio Stadium is nicknamed the Shoe because of it's horseshoe shaped architecture. The Shoe has gone through major renovations over the years adding seats and enclosing the open end of the Stadium. The current capacity is over 102,000 and Ohio State has never finished lower than fourth nationally in average home attendance since 1949.

Oh did we fail to mention that Brooke's brother played for THE Buckeyes from 2003-2008..look at this awesome sack on Northwestern's QB

Gold Pants
In 1934 Ohio State's new head coach Francis Schmidt was asked how the Buckeyes would do against rival Michigan. His reply, "They put their pants on one leg at a time, the same as we do!" His teams bought into the philosophy, rattling off the most successful stretch in school history against that team up north. OSU won the next four Michigan matchups by a combined 114-0 margin. Schmidt founded the "Pants Club", which still exists today as reward for a win over the Wolverines. Since 1934, each player and coach receives a miniature pair of gold pants for each victory over Michigan. The charms contain the recipient's initials as well as the year and score of "The Game". As a wedding present my brother Brett gave me his Gold Pants from the best OSU/MI game ever, 2006 OSU 42 Mich 39.

Here is Brooke, in her usual Buckeye gear complete with the essential Buckeye Beads, Brother's pin and Gold Pants

The OSU/UM rivalry is huge here in I couldn't let my 1 week old son experience his first "GAME" without the proper attire! *Just an FYI, not only did he Blow out poop on Michigan but he peed on it as well! That's my boy!!*

Let's GO BUCKS!!! O-H....I-O!!!

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Go Buckeyes! :)

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Love your post today:) good stuff...OH!

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Hey, what is your SN on the Bump? Isn't that where I "know" you from? I'm just curious; I'm not on there much these days, but I do lurk occasionally. :)

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Great post on the traditions from Ohio State and thanks for the comment on my post as well!

Go Buckeyes! Beat the Badgers!

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I'm not an Ohio fan, but I do think the script Ohio does look awfully impressive