Sunday, October 25, 2009

Misc. Monday

We had such an action packed weekend, Friday-Lou took Dominic over to his Grandma & Grandpa Grasso's house! He had a blast walking around the 10 person dining table and playing with newspaper! Saturday morning, we headed over to visit with Grandpa Daly & Aunt Anna. Dominic loves going over there because there's always something good to eat!! Grandpa Daly fed him some kiwi & grapes! Yum! He also showed off his walking skills while chasing their dog, Abby! Saturday afternoon we watched the Buckeyes win, baked bread for the first time ever, and carved our pumpkins! Then we packed up the pups and took them to a field for a good run! It was so fun to see them flying around the field! Sunday morning we went to visit Dominic's Great Oma (Great grandmother). He crumpled up her Sunday newspaper in no time and was all giggles. Then we headed out to visit with Oma/Grandma/Granola Gaby (Brooke's mom-we're still working on a name! lol) and had a blast chasing around Bomber-yelling Dog Dog Dog! After all that fun, we went across the street to a Metropark's indoor playground. A super fun discovery we will definitely utilize in the winter! I think Lou had the most fun of all! lol We came home, watched the Browns then headed out on our bikes to geocache for a while! We found two! :) Wow, I'm exhausted just looking at what we did! It was so much fun getting to visit with ALL the grandparents and TWO Aunt Anna's! Dominic showing off our pumpkins! From left to right: Dominic's pumpkin complete w/2 baby bottom teeth, Brooke's Elmo pumpkin and Lou's Cookie Monster
Lou, TJ & Sadie racing! Speedy lil things!
Bomber & Dominic. He's showing off his Halloween costume, a turtle
Just like Mommy, Dominic loved the turtles! (good costume choice huh?)
Weee! On the slide!
Family Fun Day!
Daddy & Dominic in the tunnels

We had a lot of fun in the tunnels too!