Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Wednesdays with Lou

Big Walker

I have to start this blog post by saying how proud I am of Dominic for learning to walk last weekend. I am so impressed and inspired by him each day and last weekend was a big moment for us. Good job Dominic!


“There’s an App for that” is more than a slogan, it is a way of life. Brooke and I have had our new phones for almost a week and are slowly getting used to them. I fully believe if the iPhone was available on other networks than Apple would have a monopoly in the phone market. There would be no need for any other smart phone because the iPhone does it all. “There’s a map for that” may be true but so far with AT&T I have full service everywhere I am which is more than I can say when I was with Verizon since I never got coverage in my Office and now I do.

There are thousands of Apps out there so the hard part is trying to find the right ones for you. I am big on organization and have downloaded a grocery list app, to do list app, and errands app. With my old phone I would just keep my lists in either the memo sections or just type it in the calendar for that day so I wouldn’t have to carry around little pieces of paper with me. Everything I needed was in my phone. The map applications are also unbelievable and it’s as good as having a GPS without paying for a separate device or service. So far one my favorite Apps is one that Brooke found called Nutrition Menu. You can enter the food you’ve eaten for the day and it keeps track of all the nutrition you’ve consumed and how much more or less you need of certain food groups. I’ve used this program for the last 3 days and realize I have a heavy protein and sodium diet. I don’t know if the protein is so bad but I am going to be more aware of my sodium consumption.

I saved the coolest App for last, Red Laser. This App can scan barcodes and then looks up the product online to price check it for you. So if I’m looking at an item at Target for $20 I can scan it and Red Laser will tell me how much the item is online and since I’m already online I can go ahead and purchase it right then if it’s cheaper. The other idea I had was if I find good deals at discount stores I can scan an item and see if it’s selling for more online and then purchase the item locally and post the item for sale on e-bay and maybe make a little profit.

This phone is so smart and user friendly. I couldn’t be happier with our decision to change and am very thankful to my brother Steve who was instrumental in us switching over. If you have an iphone or have any App suggestions I’d appreciate hearing it.

Biggest Loser

I wish Tracy would have went home last night on biggest loser instead of Coach Mo. Biggest Loser is generally a show without a villian but Tracy plays that part perfectly. I really hope she goes home in the next episode.


The Bucks rolled again last week beating Wisconsin 31-13. I know 21 points came from our Defense and Special teams but that’s why they’re on the field too. Football is a team game and we were the best team on Saturday despite our Offensive struggles. My prediction for this weeks game is OSU 30 Purdue 10. Our Offense bounces back this week and scores 3 TD’s and 3 field goals.