Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Eleven Months Old!

Yes, you read that correctly-Dominic is ELEVEN MONTHS OLD!!! So what has Dominic been up to this past month? I'd get carpal tunnel typing it all but here are a few biggies:

*He got his first two bottom teeth!
*He says new words such as "Dog" all the time and is pointing at everything.
*He can crawl up all 3 flights of stairs in our house
*Oh yeah, HE CAN WALK!!!!

Taking his monthly picture has gotten tough the last couple months. Mainly because we have to raise the crib every 13th to take the picture. Also, it's nearly impossible to get an 11 month old to sit still. I've enclosed the out takes as well as the best of the worst pictures.

The best one we could get

You can see his two bottom teeth here


Dominic's new "face" he does this surprised face all the time lol.


Nicolasa said...

aaah! Look at him! He is getting so big and so handsome!