Monday, October 26, 2009

Teach me Tuesday

We are going over the Respiratory system now in A&P and my professor solved a mystery that I have been wondering about for my entire life. What the heck is that "hangy ball" for in the back of your throat!? The answer is so simple. ::drum roll please:: The purpose of the uvula is to push food down your throat and keep it from going up your nose!!! Sometimes it can fail--aka milk coming out your nose, but most of the time it's serving an important function!


Nicolasa said...

This picture makes me think of my tonsils and how huge they are! I remember one time I went down to the nurse when I was little and the nurse asked me open and say "aaah" She was shocked at how big my tonsils were... she told me they looked like golf balls to her! I always hear stuff like this and people can't believe that they never gave me problems.

I hope school is going well@

Grasso10 said...

Thanks! I had my tonsils removed when I was young. I didn't realize how big they were normally! They won't usually take your tonsils out anymore because they are lymph nodules and actually help way more than they hurt--so maybe you have SUPER tonsils!! :)