Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Wednesdays with Lou

Dominic Sleep Schedule

Dominic has the most erratic sleep schedule imaginable. Last weekend Dominic slept 12 straight uninterrupted hours Friday night and 11 straight uninterrupted hours Saturday night. Those days are few and far between. Dom sleeps in spurts. We get one good week and then one bad week. Even on nights he does wake up he does end up falling back asleep after some comforting by Brooke or I. He continues to throw us for loops as last week nothing could be done to console him so we picked Dominic up and rocked him in the chair. I ended up holding Dominic while we both slept for several hours a few nights last week. Comfortably I could only do it for a couple hours but it was nice to hold Dom while he slept. It’s a realization that he’s growing and getting older and these days with him now are moving way to fast. He is almost a year and the moments we’ve had with him at 3, 4, or 7 months are gone. It’s time to start making more memories with Dominic and with him he makes it easy.

I – Phone

I’ve been with Verizon for 7 ½ years but have had the same phone, Palm Treo 650, for about 3 years. I’ve passed up the phone upgrades because I don’t like Verizon’s phones. I’ve looked at the Blackberry’s but don’t like the small screen, the scroll ball, and that it’s not a touch screen. Verizon’s network is great and I’ve never had a problem with coverage except for in my Office. So as great as Verizon’s network is it wasn’t helping me out from 9-5, 5 days a week while at work. I use my phone mostly for txt message and keeping track of my schedule. I talk to Brooke most of the time and the only time I’m away from her (at work) I don’t get coverage so again, why stay with Verizon? This week Brooke and I are both getting I-Phones and switching to AT&T. Having internet access and the functionality and versatility of the apps on the I-Phone make the switch an easy decision.

The I-Phone was rated best in smartphone satisfaction. More than nine in 10 (92%) of current I-Phone users say they have their ideal phone, 90% have recommended the phone. However, Verizon is the ideal provider for 86% of smartphone users surveyed, yet only 38% of Verizon smartphone customers say their current phone is their ideal smartphone, the lowest percentage of any provider. Interestingly, Verizon has none of the most satisfying smartphones but still maintains a leadership position in network satisfaction on the perceived strength of its network, CFI Group said. For AT&T, the opposite is true. It has the most satisfying smartphone but lags in provider satisfaction, in part because of its network problems associated with its I-Phone customers’ overwhelming data use. CFI found that four in 10 (40%) I-Phone users switched providers to get the phone. Brooke and I are officially statistics and part of the 40% who switch to AT&T for the I-Phone.


OSU looked great last week against Indiana. Our Offense scored four touchdown but we missed 2 field goals. Our Defense was again amazing only giving up 1 touchdown by our first string. I think what frustrates me the most about Pryor is he’s inconsistent. He’s still learning but at times it seems like he runs harder and throws better and then another play he’ll run out of bounds or try to finesse a pass and blow it. As long as he shows improvement every week I’ll be happy and by the end of the year our Offense should be unstoppable. Combine that with a stingy Defense and we should be one of the top 3 teams come Bowl Season.

The Buckeyes host un-beaten Wisconsin on Saturday at the Horseshoe. Wisconsin is going to try and run on us and I don’t see it happening. My prediction this week is OSU 34 – Wisconsin 10. Go Bucks!