Friday, November 20, 2009

Bloodwork update..

So after our horrible experience having Dominic's blood drawn on Monday morning, we got a voicemail on Tuesday evening telling us the results were in. They told us that they wouldn't call us unless there was a problem. So of course the lady called 2 seconds before the lab closed for the evening so we were of course worrying all night.
I knew as soon as I saw CBC (Complete Blood Count) on the lab order that there was a chance his White blood cell count would be off because Dominic was battling a small cold. Sure enough-that's what the results showed. Elevated White Blood cell count. I'm almost positive this was due to the virus....but here's the kicker, Dominic needs MORE blood work done once the cold has passed. ::sigh:: I'm pretty sure the lab people are not going to be pleased to see us again. We'll keep you updated once we bring him in!

Oh and GO BUCKS!


Nicolasa said...

Yeah, it definitely sounds like it could be from the cold. But, I definitely understand them wanting to check again after he is better. I really hope the second time around goes much better!