Saturday, November 7, 2009

A Little Girl's Dream

Growing up, little girl's dream of being a Wife and Mother. My childhood was filled with playing "house" or my Barbie dolls carrying their babies around the house while Ken was at work. As a little girl you play this way not really knowing what it truly entails.

My dreams came true on both July 27, 2007 and November 13, 2008-on those days I became a Wife and Mother respectively. The Wife job is super easy. I'm married to my best friend and it's an effortless relationship. Being a Mother is also a dream come true..but I don't quite think I was playing the game of "house" correctly as a child. I forgot to add the bottles that needed to be washed, loads upon loads of laundry and the fact that I would not be wearing my fabulous high heels and glamorous princess gown while vacuuming. I think Mattel really needs to create a more realistic Barbie doll..a messy pony tailed, stained shirt, sweatpants wearing gal with a bottle brush in one hand and a coffee in the other! That'd be interesting huh-I'm sure she'd be on every little girl's Christmas list!

The other thing I never got to experience playing Mommy as a little girl was the feeling of reciprocated love, the loads and loads of baby kisses, and the sweet sound of "MaMa" coming from MY Baby's nursery first thing in the morning. My dolls may not have prepared me for diaper blow outs (I bet they have some kind of pooping doll now-creepy!) but it really helped me to appreciate and be SO grateful to be living the game of "house" now!!