Sunday, November 15, 2009

Dominic's 1st Birthday Party

Caution: Pictures GALORE!! Enjoy!

Look who is in the big boy car seat now!

We went to an indoor playground for Dominic's birthday-he loved running around and pointing at everything!

Dominic's Birthday cupcake-he looooved it!
The clubhouse, before the party started.
The Cupcake Bar. Here you could decorate your own cupcake (no cake cutting for me!) with chocolate or vanilla frosting-then top it with sprinkles, chocolate chips and gummy bears! This was surprisingly not too messy-and fun!
I was so excited to find a frame made for 13 photos-I displayed all of the monthly bear pictures on the gift table and will hang this in Dom's nursery

Goodie bags for all the kids! And there were a LOT of kids!

Another view of the room all set up.

For centerpieces we wrapped boxes in gift wrap and attached the balloons to the weight inside the box. We also made chocolate covered pretzels and sprinkled the table with Birthday Boy mintsGrandpa Daly & Dominic
We had planned to show a slideshow on the television, but ran into a couple bumps. We used my laptop to play the slideshow as guests filled up their plates!

I was so grateful to see so many loved ones! Maggie came up from Columbus! She's expecting her first in June! Here's Becky, Maggie & I.
Grandma & Dominic
The gift table with all the generous gifts!
Dominic's #1 cake. I decorated it--he stuck his finger in it very early into the party

Birthday banner

Dominic was so cute while everyone serenaded him with "Happy Birthday to you".
This is where I questioned my choice of blue frosting!
Next up-opening presents! Yay!
Cute overalls made by Dominic's Godmother & Aunt Anna-it has little footballs and helmets on it

The matching friend Anna made--We call him Buddy, How cute is this!! He's also sitting in the chair made for him from his Grandma & Grandpa Grasso-it matches our living room furniture!

The gift from Dominic's Godfather & Uncle, Brett...notice anything familiar about the baby on the box! LOL My brother is so funny!
Checking out his new toys with Daddy
We used our Superyard as a safe play area for the children.

Can you believe that the big kid you see in the above pictures..looked like this a year ago!!??


Nick, Jen + Hannah said...

Looks like Dominic had a great birthday! :o)

And I must ask you where you found the frame!? I have been looking for a frame like that but I can only seem to find ones that hold vertical pics because they have some type of plaque across the bottom.

Justin and Jessica said...

Looks like you had so much fun! :)

I love the frame that you found - very cute idea!

Our daughter has the basketball hoop - she loves it!!!

Grasso10 said...

I found the frame at Michael's Crafts. It was on sale too!

Nicolasa said...

Everything looks fantastic! I am so happy for your family!

E said...

I remember when when you found out you were pregnant and now he's a year old! Where does the time go? This gives me a few ideas for Lyla's birthday party. Email me when you have some time so we can catch up! (egreenbe)

Lyndsay said...

His party looked great! You did such an awesome job. I love the cupcake bar idea, very cute! And now I need to go buy the same frame!! :)

Anonymous said...

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