Thursday, November 19, 2009

Show Us Your Life: Pets!

This week's Show Us Your Life focuses on your pets! Our two dogs, TJ & Sadie were our very first "babies". I got TJ, a Toy Fox Terrier/Chihuahua mix in college and he was always a Mama's boy-growling at any boy that came into the room..until he met Lou. When we first started dating I think Lou knew that he would have to befriend TJ-and began talking him on walks every day. This quickly changed TJ's temperament and he went from my best friend to Man's best friend. He's been a Daddy's boy ever since!
We wanted another dog in the winter of 2007 so we asked the vet for his advice on breed and size. He told us that we should get a female dog that would be smaller than him as a puppy but bigger than him as an adult. We didn't search long before walking into a local pet store and seeing the sweetest little girl puppy with the dreamiest eyes. The tag said that she was a Jack Russel Terrier/Chihuahua mix..perfect I thought! We quickly realized (and had vet confirmation) that Sadie is in fact, a BEAGLE/DACHSHUND mix! If you've ever had the "pleasure" of hearing her "beagle howl" you'd know too!
They may not be getting as much attention as they did before Dominic was born-but they are truly family members and we love them to pieces!!

TJ, all dressed up for St. Patrick's Day

Baby Sadie-seriously, how could you resist those eyes!?

They really are the best of friends. It's so funny to watch them play together and keep each other young!
Doggy lifeguards watching over Lake Erie!
They looked thrilled right? Sadie the elf and TJ the reindeer: Christmas 2007


King J's Queen said...

Love the lifeguards...too cute!

Summer said...

Too stinkin cute! They do look thrilled in the christmas pic dressed up!
Summer :0)

The Townsend's said...

Cute doggies! Dog's that are friends are so cute to watch together!

Taylor said...

Haha too cute! Love your blog and your son is adorable!

Larissa said...

Hello, I found you from Kelly's Korner. Your doggies are so cute!