Monday, November 16, 2009

One Year Check Up-and DRAMA!

Today we took Dominic in for his one year well child checkup. Everything looks great..he is in the 50-75% in height, weight and head circumference. Dr. Flask told us he's growing as if he read the textbook! Perfectly! Along with his other shots, we were able to get him the H1N1 vaccine-so I was very happy about that. The appointment was almost over when she glanced at the computer and told us that our zip code was flagged for lead. I asked her why and she said something about the paint in old houses-now we live in new construction and I seriously doubt Dominic is getting exposed to lead paint but it's mandated that a blood test be taken. She sent us to the lab-where we were welcomed with about 75 people waiting and a rude receptionist. I was a bit nervous because 1)Dominic has never had blood drawn from the arm before and 2) he JUST got 4 shots and was getting super sleepy.

We waited about 40 minutes and Dominic entertained all the other patients by showing off his walking skills and chatting it up. Once we were called a young, female phlebotomist put on the turnakit to search for a vein. Dominic began screaming & crying-LOUD. Lou was holding him and Dominic was fighting like crazy. Another phlebotomist, the head one I assumed, came in and he held down Dominic's other arm. So picture this-the poor kid is being held down by two strangers, while the female began sticking Dominic with the needle. I watched her go in once, monkey around with it-no blood, go into a different spot-no blood..this happened over and over til she decided to go to the OTHER arm...several pokes there later and the two phlebotomists had to take a break because they were sweating. Are you serious?! Dominic calmed down a bit once they were gone and fell asleep on Lou's chest...then they came back. The female poked Dominic a few more times as I watched the male tightly holding on to Dominic's wrist trying to keep him still. He did comment on how unbelievably strong Dom is! There were now about 8 needle holes in his arms. I had tears welling up in my eyes. FINALLY the male phlebotomist took over and with one more poke, I saw the blood flow...I was so happy, my little boy would be finally able to go home! As we walked out there was a look of relief from not only us but everyone in the waiting room as well. Dominic fell asleep as soon as we got in the car and slept for 2 1/2 hours! Poor baby! His wrists had red finger marks from the male's hands for about 2 hours as well.

On a lighter note, it's Ohio State/M*ch#gan week......GO BUCKS!!!!!!!!!!


Justin and Jessica said...

So sorry he had to go through that. It's hard on the parents too. I cried so hard when our daughter had RSV, and they couldn't get an IV in her ... it took about 10 attempts, and then they just gave up. We prayed VERY hard for wet diapers so that we would be able to tell she wasn't dehydrated.

Nicolasa said...

oh no, that sounds so horrible! I would hate to watch that happen to my lil guy! I am glad they finally got some blood though!