Thursday, November 12, 2009

365 days ago..

This was my post last year at this time..I still can't believe that it's been almost a year!

T minus.....yikes, here we go!

We got admitted to the hospital at 5 pm tonight and are all checked in our room. Brooke has been started on an IV and as soon as a doctor comes in will be given Cervadil. Unfortunetely Brooke didn't eat dinner and now has to be on an ice chips only diet til delivery--and she's STARVING! lol. Pitocin will hopefully be given in the early morning and we can finally meet Dominic!! He's having a great time kicking & moving on his last night in utero. We just plan on relaxing and watching tv tonight--hopefully getting some sleep! 5 am will come early!

Thanks for all the well wishes!!


TheKruppParents said...

Wow... this was really good to read right before I go through the same thing. I'll be sure to eat a hearty meal before going into the hospital. We don't go in until 8PM. Hopefully that will make the night go a little quicker. I am sure it's going to be boring just waiting those 12 hours out.

Anyway, happy birthday AGAIN to little Dominic. He's so stinkin cute and he has the GREATEST family. Love you!