Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Wednesdays with Lou

Holiday Season

Now that Dominic's birthday weekend is over we have Thanksgiving and Christmas to look forward to. Dominic is growing so fast and has transformed from a little baby to a walking, babbling little boy nearly over night. He prefers to walk than be held and would rather feed himself than have us spoon feed him. I am really looking forward to his reaction to Christmas this year. Next year Christmas should be even better but this year it will be cool to have him walk, open his presents, and watch him play with his new toys. I know Brooke has already thanked everyone for their generosity at Dominic's birthday party but I would also like to thank everyone who could come or sent a gift.


The Buckeyes are Rose Bowl bound and have captured at least a share of their 5th straight Big Ten title with their win over Iowa last Saturday. It's pretty exciting but to be honest the celebration has to wait until after the game against the Team Up North this Saturday. We're probably favored big time but it's a rivalry game and you can't under estimate the underdog in a game like this. M$#%&#&N makes me so sick I don't even like typing the name let alone say it unless it's followed by or beginning with an expletive. Since the Big Ten title is locked up the Buckeyes have one less thing to motivate them this weekend but that shouldn't matter because it's a rivalry game.

Nike asked OSU to wear throwback Nike Pro Combat uniforms to commemorate the 1954 National Championship team this Saturday. The uniforms are made to be the lightest and most ventilated ones ever made. The new uniforms are 37% lighter than the current ones and 46% lighter when wet. I'm a big fan of alternate uniforms as long as their worn seldom and not all the time like the throwback uniforms in the NFL. It may sound stupid but I think when teams where special uniforms it pumps them up and they play better. So I'm hoping that will give us a little extra help this Saturday. Go Bucks!


Here's my Browns update for the week. THEY SUCK and Mangini needs to go. Quinn didn't do anything impressive on Monday night to make me hopeful he is the QB for the job. Quinn rarely throws down field which is either because he doesn't have time, thinks the receivers are covered, or missed a read. He was clearly not in sync with his receivers which can be attributed to his lack of practice with the 1st team having to split reps with DA. Even though Quinn doesn't turn the ball over as often as DA the lack of first downs and 3 and out with Quinn is almost as bad. Quinn has better football pedigree than DA and needs a chance to prove himself. This weekends game against the Lions will tell a lot. Detroit stinks just as bad as we do so if he can't produce against a sub par team then Quinn may not be the QB of the future for the Browns.