Sunday, November 22, 2009

Please Pray for Bella

Over the years I have prayed for many, many people through the blog-osphere-I've prayed for "friends" to conceive children, for babies in hospitals, for the losses of loved ones, or financial hardships. Now I'm asking for prayers from all of you!

Our two year old great niece, Bella, went in to the doctor last week because her tummy appeared bigger than normal and was hard. They sent her to a nearby hospital for what they thought was an unexplained enlarged spleen and liver. Once there she was sent by ambulance to Rainbow Babies Children's Hospital in Cleveland, Ohio. While testing they discovered many (some quite large) tumors on her little liver, adrenal gland, spine, and lungs. The doctors believe it may also be in her bones-they are 90% certain that Bella has neuroblastoma, cancer found primarily in infants and children. She will be going in for surgery sometime on Monday and they will be taking out pieces to biopsy and be taking some bone marrow from her hip. At this time they will also be putting a port into her chest to administer medication. A relief to her mother, Rachel, who told me that Bella is really unhappy with the I.V. This poor little girl has also already had one blood transfusion and will receive another one before surgery due to anemia.

I spoke with Rachel this afternoon and she is very positive and has strong Faith, the doctors are also keeping her very informed and are treating them all with the up most care. Rainbow Babies is one of the best children's hospitals in the country and I know Bella is in wonderful, more than capable hands.

Please keep sweet Bella in your thoughts and prayers. Please send strength to her and her family. Thank you!

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6 comments: said...

If they can, come to St. Jude here in Memphis. It's an amazing, amazing place.

E said...

I'll keep them and you in my prayers.

Justin and Jessica said...

We will definitely keep her in our prayers.

Nick, Jen + Hannah said...

so sorry to hear this. my thoughts are with you and their family!

Jessica said...

Oh I'm so sorry... I'll definitely say some prayers.

Lyndsay said...

Your family and your niece are in my thoughts.