Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Update on Bella

I'm reposting this note that Bella's grandma *Lou's sister* posted onto facebook regarding Bella.

Today....the Oncology report did not show Hepatoblastoma. It shows that she has a Germ Cell Tumor. A Germ Cell Tumor feeds off of blood. It is all throughout her body, and most likely in her bone marrow, so they are not going to even do that test. The are going to start treatment immediately, maybe tonight or tomorrow.

The team of doctors said this type of cancer is 100% responsive to Chemotherapy!!!! And the prognosis is excellent considering her age and her strength.

Bellas is still in PICU and will remain on the ventilator for another day or two because this large tumor on her Adrenal gland is pressing up on her lungs and making it difficult for her to breathe...so the machine is helping her do that to avoid putting her under anymore stress. All her vital signs are great and where they should be...it is just so hard to see her in a comatose state, even though we know this is being done on purpose....

Prayer WORKS!!! I truly believe in the strength of all the prayers out there have helped bring us to this point!! Praise God!!! But keep praying as this is going to be a long difficult road for Bella and her parents and and all of us who love her so much.....

And in your prayers...don't to forget to thank God and praise God for holding our Princess Bella close in His hands!!!

Love, Rita