Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Wednesdays with Lou

This week in our house has been all about celebrating and getting ready for Dominic's 1st Birthday! We're both shocked that it's already been a year. We've been able to reflect a lot this week over the last year and remember all the experiences we've had with Dominic and all the sleepless nights and fun times we've shared. I thought it was appropriate for my Wednesday with Lou to share some pictures of just Dominic and I over the last year. Special apologies to my beautiful Wife Brooke who will not be in the pictures below. Someone had to take the pictures and it's Wednesdays with Lou not Wednesdays with Brooke and Lou. Enjoy...

The last moment before I became a Father and experienced the most joyful sight I've ever seen.

Holding my newborn son, Dominic, during his first day of life.

2 Days old and ready to come see his new house and Puppies.

Dominic showing off his new overalls.

Dominic loves riding on my shoulders!

One of our many trips down the mile long pier. Look at that tongue!

I think his bib says it all. Not me, him!

The first trip of many on our new bikes.

First trip to the Cleveland Zoo.

Daddy's little helper at the Office.

At Lakeview Beach.

At the Port Authority Labor Day Festival.

Getting kisses...or bites!

Pumpkin picking.

He's playing Cars, I'm ready for the Buckeyes.

Playing at an indoor playground. I may have had more fun than him.


Nicolasa said...

Love this. It is so great to see the memories you have made with your lil guy! It always amazes me how quickly time passes!