Friday, November 6, 2009

Shopping buddies

I'm a stay at home mom (when I'm not in class), and easily get stir crazy being in the house all the time. During the warmer months, Dominic & I would take daily walks or bike rides to get out of the house. Now that it's getting colder, I'm forced to find indoor activities. One of my favorite things to do with Dominic is grocery shop. I'm so grateful that Dominic loves going to stores. He points things out and has conversations with me (and others!) in his cute baby language. I usually can't get through a store without having at least three people stop to talk to him. I'm, of course the proud mommy and love hearing how cute, adorable, handsome, sweet he is (things I already know!).

Today in the grocery store, Dominic was particularly interested in the stock boy stocking up potatoes. He was waving and yelling over to him and when the kid looked over Dominic gave him a big, slobbery smile. I lingered over there a bit more in hopes that Dom would finish his "conversation" with the boy and after a couple minutes (and a few weird looks from other shoppers who were probably wondering why I was having such a hard time picking out an onion) I decided to cart away..bad idea! Dominic obviously wasn't finished and started fussing. I went back over for a quick "bye bye" and that was that.

I think one of the reasons he loves the grocery store is the abundance of FREE cookies at the bakery. Every time we go, Dominic gets a cookie-I think the bakery workers would give him a dozen if I'd let them! He talks & flirts with them as well as the cashier on our way out. I swear he could be in the worst mood and as soon as he enters those automatic doors, his mood switches and he's happy as a clam! I have to admit, I'll take it when I see those kids throwing themselves on the floor and screaming in the aisles.....but....we will have a toddler next week, and with that comes tantrums. I'll enjoy this while I can!!
For the record, I ALWAYS use the shopping cart cover. On this particular trip while getting Dominic out of the car and holding the cart cover at the same time, I dropped the cover straight into a puddle. Needless to say I used about 50 Bleach wipes on this cart.

This is the usual...cart cover and all! Look at those cheeks!


Anonymous said...

Think I found your blog from Kelly's Korner - anyway I laughed at this post - my son, who is now 10 years old had a speech delay...I remember telling the speech therapis the best place to get him to talk was at the grocery store - he loved it. She said most babies do because it is things they know. I now have a 10 month old and am wondering if he will do the same thing. He already smiles at McDonalds!
Trish - Norton, OHIO

Shannon said...

I love that Dominic is so talkative, how sweet! I cant believe how big he is getting, I feel like I have "watched" him grow up on your blog.